Harry Henien

Harry Henien is a seasoned traveler who loves to learn about the different cultures and histories of the countries he visits. On his travels, Harry learned about the close cultural ties that existed between Turkish and Armenian people through history, but which are not officially recognized in today’s political environment.

When Harry Henien learned about the development of the documentary ” Back to Gurun ” a movie that looked into the history of an Armenian and a Turkish family with strong historic ties to the city of Gurun, he saw this as a great opportunity to delve deeper into the cultural ties that used to exist.

Harry Henien decided to offer some financial support for the production of the feature length documentary. Through such contributions as well as an online fundraising campaign, launched to help fund completion of the movie, director Adrineh Gregorian, a Fulbright grant awardee and producer Kara Marston, a US Fulbright Fellow were able to bring their story to the screen.

Harry Henien recognized the importance of Back to Gurun as a vehicle to educate people
globally about a tragedy that occurred almost 100 years ago and how the tensions that still exist today between Armenia and Turkey need more open dialogue.

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