Concert held in Diyarbakir’s Armenian church, 97 years after Genocide

DIYARBAKIR. – Ninety-seven years after the Armenian Genocide, a concert was again held at Saint Giragos Armenian Church in Diyarbakir, Turkey, which is the largest Armenian Church in the Middle East.

Renowned Istanbul-Armenian pianist Raffi Bedrosyan—who now lives in Canada—performed at the Church, Armenian reporter informs from Diyarbakir.

The event brought together close to eighty American-Armenians—led by Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of Armenian Church of America (Eastern)—, Istanbul Armenians—headed by Archbishop Aram Ateshyan, the Armenian Deputy Patriarch of Constantinople—, a small group of Armenians from Armenia, Mayor Osman Baydemir of Diyarbakir, Turkish MP Altan Tan, and other officials.

In his welcoming remarks, Baydemir addressed the Armenians who had arrived in Diyarbakir and noted that this city belongs to the Muslims and the Armenians alike. He once again called upon the heirs of those Armenians who had left Diyarbakir to return to their lands.

In his remarks, Raffi Bedrosyan recalled that monthly concerts were held at Saint Giragos until 1915, and on that year Diyarbakir’s then-provincial governor had also stolen the church’s piano and taken it to his home.

To note, the renovations at Diyarbakir’s Saint Giragos Armenian Church had finished last year, but the complete renovations of the church complex will come to an end this year, and the Holy Mass, which will be celebrated on November 4, will be held in the completely renovated church complex.

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